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Rules & Regulations

Helping Hands is a non-profit organization. Helping Hands reserves the right to determine who receives food and/or social services and how often the pantry and/or social services may be utilized. The use of Helping Hands for food and/or social services is a privilege not a right.


Helping Hands accepts new client applications anytime.


Only one application per household, not individual, will be accepted.


A client intake form is required to become a client of Helping Hands.


Questions regarding you, your family, your household members and needs will be asked to determine your eligibility to use Helping Hands food pantry or social services.


Failure to complete the application process may limit or fully restrict your access to Helping Hands.


If there is any change in the information provided on the intake form, please notify Helping Hands immediately. The intake form needs to be updated every 12 months, or as requested.


All information provided will be held in the strictest of confidence. Many statistics are needed to apply for grants that help to keep the pantry well stocked and also to comply with requirements through our affiliation with Central Texas Food Bank. We will not share your name for purposes of obtaining grants.

If you have any questions about distribution, please call Helping Hands at (512) 820-0476. Please refer to the website for any updates in


Remember, the food and assistance you receive is supplemental. If you find that you are relying on Helping Hands for all of your food needs or cannot meet your monthly bills without assistance on a regular basis, please let us know. We may be able to direct you to other sources for help.


Please take only what you need. All food received and distributed is weighed for inventory control. Pantry staff volunteers are not always available or able to help bring food to your vehicle so please take only what you can handle or bring assistance with you.


PLEASE NOTE: The resale or exchange in any way of any food or item received from Helping Hands is strictly prohibited.

Helping Hands has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy toward threatening or disorderly behavior, including but not limited to verbally abusive or physically abusive behavior. No threatening or disorderly behavior towards Helping Hands volunteers or other clients will be tolerated at any time.

No drugs or alcohol or anyone under the influence will be tolerated within or on the premises of Helping Hands food pantry at any time. Persons suspected of being under the influence or being threatening or disorderly will be asked to leave and may be prohibited from returning to Helping Hands in the future. If such person refuses to leave, the Police will be called immediately. If your privilege to shop at Helping Hands has been revoked and you nevertheless come to Helping Hands pantry to shop or are on the premises of Helping Hands food pantry, the Police will be called immediately.

Failure to follow and obey these rules will result in removal from Helping Hands and your privilege to use Helping Hands food pantry and/or social services may be revoked.

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